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Expansion is underway…Help Family
Promise of Tulsa County "Raise the Roof”

With the overwhelming need for our life-changing services Family Promise of Tulsa County has started Phase One of our plan to purchase/build additional units and increase the number of families we can serve. However, we need the support from our faith-based community, corporations, and individuals to make the dream a reality.  

FPTC is launching the “Raise the Roof” campaign with the goal of raising $440,000 to secure an existing home and develop four lots

 just west of downtown Tulsa.   Our plan is to refurbish the home with the help from some amazing volunteers as soon as possible and get it ready for a family to move in. In addition, we plan on building a duplex on the site to increase the overall number of families FPTC can serve to nine.   

We need your help...Family Promise of Tulsa County is asking for support for this first phase from our faith communities, corporations, and individuals who already believe and are involved in our mission. Phase One is just the beginning of something bigger. “Raise the Roof” is an opportunity to add three additional units quickly and meet the overwhelming demand for our services. In addition, it gives us time to work on the much larger plan, Phase Two.  Phase Two is designed as an 18-unit facility constructed just behind the Phase One property and will require a much larger capital campaign and support from foundation grants.

Why not have a single capital campaign for the entire project? The larger vision will take a significant amount of 

time and money to complete and is not possible without the Phase One land purchase.  Our plan was to do the entire project at once, however, circumstances beyond our control have contributed to our decision to break the project into two separate phases, including changes in Government funding  guidelines and conversations with our community partners.

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There are too many families in our community who are struggling and cannot wait. We know in the short term this only increases our capacity by three units, however, those three units have the possibility of helping 12 or more families per year. That is central to our mission of ending homelessness…one family at a time. 

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Partner with us and help 
Promise of Tulsa County
"Raise the Roof”

"Raise the Roof" Partners

$100,000 +

$50,000 +

$25,000 +


$10,000 +

$5,000 +

$1,000 +

$1 to-$999

Tina & Ronny Massey

We have exciting news to share about Phase Two. FPTC is partnering with Dean West of West Construction to build our Phase Two plans through his new nonprofit, Soul Builders. Soul Builders is going to train women and men with construction and carpentry skills free of charge and give them an opportunity for a great paying job and lifelong skills.  Soul Builders’ students will construct our new apartments. As each unit becomes available, FPTC will be able to lease the units until  the entire complex is completed. Once complete FPTC will complete a capital campaign to purchase the entire facility and have a total of 18 units to help families in Tulsa County. 

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